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Welcome to the Most Extensive Network of

Pain Management Clinics in Los Angeles & Orange County

  CA Pain provides a Network of Los Angeles pain management clinic locations with several Board Certified providers offering both interventional pain treatments and medication management!

  • Pain Medication ManagementPain Management Los Angeles
  • Interventional Pain Management (Cutting Edge Procedures)
  • Auto Accident Injury Treatment (Under a Personal Injury Lien)
  • Workers Compensation Treatment for “On the Job Injuries”
  • Stem Cell Procedures
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (aka PRP Therapy)


Why seek treatment with pain clinics in Los Angeles,  Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Simi Valley, Pasadena & Long Beach?

  • The affiliated Network Pain Clinics offer both medication management and interventional treatments.
  • Offering cutting edge treatment with Board Certified Pain Management Doctors at over 10 locations!
  • Treatment success rates exceed 90% for relief and avoiding surgery!
  • Offering Stem Cell procedures and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for arthritis and soft tissue injuries including tendonitis and ligament injury.

Pain Management Treatments

Pain Management Conditions

Pain Management doctors in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica,  Pasadena and surrounding areas treat all types of pain problems with over twenty five available options.pain clinics las vegas Whether you have acute sciatica, migraines, spinal stenosis, neuropathy, RSD, degenerative arthritis, fibromyalgia or failed surgery, our affiliated pain physicians can help you get your life back!

In all, the Network pain doctors are able to successfully help over 90% of patients achieve relief and avoid the need for potentially risky surgery. Cutting edge treatments are outpatient, low risk and offered by doctors who are tops in their field.

Some of the treatments, such as radiofrequency ablation, may provide up to eighteen months of consistent relief for back and neck pain. Over nine out of ten are able to avoid sciatica surgery, get back to work, play with the kids and enjoy life again!

With over 25 modern treatment options available, your care will be individualized. You will receive a comprehensive workup and all the time you need to have your questions answered. Don’t despair about your condition, whether it’s straight forward or extremely complicated our physicians have exceptional success rates at changing your life!

The California Pain Network offers premier qualified doctors at convenient locations accepting PPO’s, Medicare, Tricare, Personal Injury Liens, Workers Compensation and Self Pay.

Simply pick up the phone and call (310) 626-1526.