5 Top Ways to Obtain Pain Relief for Back Pain

Pain Management Orange County CAIt is a silent epidemic, which has been quantified but not given due notice. More than 4 out of 5 Americans experience some form of Back Pain in their lifetime. Thankfully over 90% of back pain will go away no matter what treatment received. But the rest will persist!

General Causes

Short of an accident or an injury, there are a lot of other causes back pain, all of which boil down to habits and lifestyle. The majority of cases of back pain have been traced to lack of exercise, a heavier body or big belly, and a stressful lifestyle.

There are also genetic causes and habits like smoking increase the likelihood of back pain.

Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain

  1. MoveThe normal reaction when severe back pain occurs is to take lots of bed rest. In these cases, any movement can trigger pain. However, pain management doctors suggest that one or two days of bed rest with occasional movement to get out of bed and walk around is all that is needed. Any more than two days of rest would not help the back, but instead will make recovery even more of a problem. During bed rest, the back muscles are supposed to recover. Too long and these muscles become soft, tender and more sensitive to pain.
  2. Develop Your CoreOne reason the back muscles are in pain is due to the heavy weight they carry. The bigger the weight up front, the heavier the load the back is carrying. Developing the core makes for stronger back and abdominal muscles. At the same time, developing the abdominal muscles would help to slim down a big beer belly. However, this should be done with a doctor’s advice and a gym trainer. There are some exercises that would be very painful to do. On top of that, some common exercises like crunches can be overdone, and lead to more back pain. This is a long-term solution that needs patience and commitment. It should also be done carefully due to the dangers of any incidence of back pain.
  3. Trigger Point Injectionstrigger points are areas in the back that are painful and spasmed muscles exist. Trigger point injections are quick, easy and help substantially with back pain.
  4. MedicationsEffective Back Pain Relief with medications is typically achieved in a stepwise fashion. Over the counter NSAIDS and Tylenol often provide exceptional relief. If a higher level is necessary, short term opiates may be necessary. Back pain doctor Orange CountyMuscle relaxers can help as well for short term exacerbations.
  5. Interventional proceduresFor those with chronic back pain, more interventional procedures can be performed. This may include facet blocks, medial branch blocks, or even intradiscal procedures when degenerative disc disease is causing the pain.

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