8 Ways To Lessen Your Daily Hip Pain

If you have hip pain on a daily basis, because of bursitis where there is inflammation in the joint lining, or arthritis where there is loss of the cushion that protects the joint, it can make everything more difficult whether you are walking, going up the stairs, or bending over to pick something up. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here are 8 ways to lessen your hip pain:

#1 Got to a Pain Clinic

If you have ongoing hip pain one of the biggest tools available to you is a Pain Clinic. Ask Your Doctor to refer you to a pain clinic where the many pain specialists will develop a treatment plan that’s specific to you.

#2 Cool the Inflammation Using Ice

Ice the joint to reduce your inflammation and pain. You can ice 4-5 times a day for about 15 pain reliefminutes. Wrap your ice pack in a towel.

#3 For Arthritis Use Heat

Warm up your hip joint with a hot bath, hot shower or heating pad. It can make the inflammation worse, but help with the pain, so be careful and find the right balance. Heat often makes bursitis inflammation flare up.

#4 Relieve Your Bursitis With Stretches

Stretch your hip muscles by sitting on top of the bursa part of your hip joint to bring relief to your bursitis pain. The leg that has the pain – kneel on it while holding onto something sturdy for balance, and then tilt your pelvis forward while you tighten your gluteus muscles. Now lean away from the hurting hip. So if your left hip hurts and you are kneeling on your left knee then kneel away with the right side.

#5 See a Physical Therapist

If you are Going to a Pain Clinic you’ll likely have physical therapy as part of your treatment protocol. Your doctor can also send you to a physical therapist who can use a number of different treatments on you such as TENs, acupressure, hydrotherapy, etc. You might also be given some stretches or exercises to do at home.

#6 Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help to reduce the tension and tightness in the muscles, increase circulation and increase blood flow to the hip area, which will reduce inflammation and pain. Always see a licensed massage therapy that is properly trained.

#7 Do Not Do High Impact Activities

Your hip pain can become worse if you are doing high impact activities like jumping or running. It’s better to avoid these types of exercises and choose low impact exercises. For example, choose walking rather than running.

#8 Lose a Few Pounds

If you have arthritis, there is wear to the joint and losing just a few pounds can help to Pain Clinic Los Angelesreduce the pressure and pain.

Most important, listen to your body and if you are having difficulties getting your hip pain under control ask to visit a Los Angeles Pain Management Clinic, where the pain medicine doctors and other trained pain professionals can help eliminate your pain by creating a pain management regime that’s specific to you.

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