Common Recommendation by Los Angeles Doctors For Dealing With A Painful Elbow

Elbow pain can have a number of underlying causes. Sportsmen like tennis and baseball players, golfers and boxers are quite susceptible to elbow injury due to the nature of their game. Elbow disorders may be caused due to damage in muscles or tendons of the arm, arthritis or defects in the bones of the arm. Whatever be the root cause of pain, a visit to the pain management doctors of Los Angeles will help in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of elbow pain.

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Pain Treatment Radiculopathy in Los Angeles

Who is not aware of the phrase “Heath is wealth”? Almost everyone is. Many of us believe in the phrase as well, but to follow the phrase; people are seen to be more or less reluctant. Small or huge, a disease is always a disease and due to utter negligence, a small disease does not take much time to turn into a huge and serious one. One of the diseases that turn bigger because of ignorance and improper diagnosis is Radiculopathy.

What is Radiculopathy

If we define Radiculopathy in short, then we must state that it is a disease that is directly related to nerves and causes serious pain, especially in bone joints. The major area of its occurrence is the spinal cord. Apart from causing extreme pain, the very disease also causes a lack of sensation and makes the whole human system lethargic.

From the spinal cord, Radiculopathy spreads its action in arms and lower back as well. Thus, those who are the victims of the stated disease often noticed to avoid sitting for a long time at a place because of severe lower back pain. The pain then affects the extreme lower portion of the human body that is the legs.

Causes and cure of Radiculopathy

Through Radiculopathy itself is a disease but it gets caused by other group of diseases and other serious reasons as well. The disease originates from the root of nerves that are already affected by any other disease. Firmness of nerves, stimulated bones or osteophytes, infection within spinal cord due to tumors and diabetes are the major causes of Radiculopathy.

Pain Treatment Radiculopathy in Los Angeles

The first and foremost indication of Radiculopathy is severe pain and it gradually lowers down from its root. From spinal cord it gets sent to lower back and then in the arms and legs. The weakness appears to the whole body after affecting the arms and the legs.  Apart from these, some of the victims of Radiculopathy also suffer from hypersensitivity in the areas where the disease takes place.

After all these shocking information, there is good news that this disease is curable. First of all one must not ignore when the pain and the weakness first occurs in the stated areas of the body as the mere outcome of physical labor. It is always suggested to consult an expert physician who is a specialist in treating the disease Radiculopathy.

It is always intelligent to rely on a Pain Clinic Los Angeles as there are groups of experienced doctors who run the clinics to deal with the very disease in every now and then with all their knowledge and expertise. From testing the numbness with basic things like a needle to treating the patients with the most modern medical equipment, the expert professional physicians who are based in Los Angeles, do whatever it takes to cure a patient.

People who are suffering from Radiculopathy can get a cure from Los Angeles based doctors’ treatments as it is highly reliable and the expected expense for the treatment is reasonable as well as affordable.

General Medication of Fibromyalgia by Pain Clinic Los Angeles

Fibromyalgia can rapidly affect a person’s life personally and professionally. The symptoms do not only include widespread pain, but also lead to other problems, such as depression, inadequate sleep, fatigue and irritability. The reasons and causes of the condition vary from patient to patient, hence choosing the correct and effective treatment can be challenging.

Today, we list down some the general medication used to treat Fibromyalgia.

Tricyclic antidepressant

Tricyclic Anti-depressants:

Tricyclic anti-depressants include Amitriptyline (Elavil), Nortriptyline (Pamelor), and Doxepin (Sinequan). Amitriptyline is considered to be the most effective and is known to enhance stage 3 and 4 sleep. The drug significantly improves the quality of sleep, morning stiffness helping patients to get rid away of the pain in a short span of time. The medicines, however, do cause side effects including morning sedation, dry mouth, confusion and urinary retention.


Muscle Relaxants:

Muscle relaxants such as Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) and Orphenadrine Citrate (Norflex) have been found to be effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia. With tricyclic chemical structure, Cyclobenzaprine can be used as a short-term muscle relaxant. The drug is also helpful in improving the quality of sleep and pain score, with reduction in tender points and muscle tightness. Cyclobenzaprine, however brings many side effects, hence it’s a must to seek a doctor’s advice before using them.

Sedative Drug

Sedative Drugs:

Most of fibromyalgia patients report about their lack of sleep. This is the very reason doctors may recommend the use of sedative medications to enhance the sleep among the patients.

Some of the sedative drugs include Temazepan (Restoril), Flurazepan (Dalmane) and Triazolam (Halcion). These are Benzodiazepine agents used to treat insomnia for a short-term period. These medicines however do cause side effects, such as excessive drowsiness, confusion, nausea, tachycardia and nightmares. In some cases, the long term use of these sedative drugs has reported to cause major symptoms such as glaucoma and (paradoxically) insomnia.


Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs:

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s) are most commonly used for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to combat pain and stiffness.




Anti-seizure drugs

Anti-seizure drugs:

Anti-seizure drugs such as Gabapentin (Neurontin, Gralise) and pregabalin (Lyrica) has been proven helpful in reducing fibromyalgia symptoms.


Please remember that each drug offers in the risks it poses and must be used with caution. These drugs have been on the market for more than 15 years. The medications differ substantially in price and the monthly cost for these drugs ranges could range anything in between $6 to more than $500.

Also, understand that medication is just one part of the treatment approach to fibromyalgia. According to pain management doctors what could actually help in treating the condition ways is a combination of medicine for pain and sleep with treatment of overlapping conditions such as migraines and irritable bowel syndrome, and combination of water therapy, massage and yoga.

Pain clinic Los Angeles suggests that getting involved in everyday physical activities including walking, jogging, biking, stretching and other exercises can also be helpful in treating the symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

Wishing you best recovery!

How to Combat Migraine Headache Pain

According to Pain Management Clinics Las Vegas, migraine headache affects more than 25 million Americans impacting a whooping national economy of $20 billion annually that is manifested in the form of lost work hours and direct medical expenses.

It originates in the brainstem and influences the central nervous system while causing pulsating pain that extends anywhere between 2 to 72 hours. This results in restriction in the ability to perform daily activities and hampers a normal life.

Pain Management Clinic Los Angeles provides you choices to combat the pain with cutting edge treatments with highest success rates in medical history.

If your headache persists for a long time, and if no medication seems to help, here are some approaches to consider.


The procedure includes electronic sensors that monitor body functions (muscle tension, skin temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure). The data are fed back to the patient in the form of sounds and in some cases in the form computer images. This helps patients to adapt and control the pain arising from bodily responses.




When thin needles are inserted under the skin on the affected sites in the body, the process not only bring range of motion and also encourages the flow of energy, thus preventing acute migraine and the frequent episodic or chronic tension-type headaches.




Get a massage for temporary relief. Regular practice could actually help you feel better for a long time. Plus, it also helps you sleep better.






Regular exercise including brisk walking, biking, or swimming can help reduce the severity and intensity of migraine pain.





Before you are on with your workout routine and after the session, take a moment to stretch your body thoroughly to avoid muscle tension and future injuries.






One of the important ways to cope with headache is practicing meditation. As you perform, it quiets the mind from distractions arising from chronic pain. Spiritual meditation not only reduces the frequency of headache but also improves your resilience towards pain.




Yes, yoga eases your aching head and brings balance to anxiety. It combines certain physical postures, breathing exercises, and mediation that boosts relaxation and brings tranquil to the mind, body and spirit. This results in zero or less frequent and painful attacks.




Sit down in a quiet room, be comfortable and breathe deeply, and let the mind wander. As you continue with the technique, relaxing muscle groups, use a mental imagery of a beautiful scene (could be a beach or starry sky). This will help you unwind and get rid of headache too.





Heat and Cold therapy:

Get a heating pad and apply it on the affected area. If it’s a pulsating headache apply ice bag on the site. As the temperature is raised and lowered, you can sense the feeling of relief. Make a habit of taking hot shower in the morning and before going to bed every day.

Lastly, avoid headache headache-inducing substances including nitrites and nitrates, found in foods such as processed meats.

The symptoms may vary from person to person and must be consulted with a doctor before starting any of the procedures mentioned above.

Kyphoplasty and ways of Treatment

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive treatment that rebuilds the vertebral space using orthopedic cement. The vertebral space may occur due to compression fracture and this treatment can help a person to stand erect again.

Prior to kyphoplasty procedure, a balloon is inflated in the fracture to create an empty space. This helps in injecting more bone cement which is placed under lower pressure.

Los Angeles pain management clinics are the best place where such treatments are conducted with precision. The aim of this procedure is to stop pain caused by spinal fracture and to restore the lost vertebral body height which occurs due to compression fracture.

Who should go for Kyphoplasty?

People with a deformed spine experiencing painful symptoms from recent compression fractures are advised by doctors to undergo kyphoplasty. California Pain Network, specializes in kyphoplasty to rectify the posture of a patient who has a bent spinal structure as a result of bone loss.

Although, it is quite common among old people to bend forward with age, it may also be seen among younger people after an injury. Timely consult with family doctors can prevent permanent damage.

How is the surgery conducted?

A typical kyphoplasty surgery is conducted in the following manner:

  • The patient is made to lie down on the operating table either completely asleep or sedated
  • Through two opening in the body, specialized tubes are inserted directly into the affected vertebra
  • Through the tube, the balloons are inserted into the collapsed vertebra and once in place, these balloons are inflated with a liquid to lift the vertebra back its original height
  • After the bone gets expanded, the balloons are deflated, leaving an empty cavity within it
  • Now the bone cement in inverted into the vertebra through both the tubes into the hollow space and it solidifies after a minute

As soon as the patient is awake, he/she is made to walk around and is discharged within a day or two. Later on, only physical therapy is required for strengthening of the spinal muscles. There is no need for pain medication anymore. California Pain Network conducts these surgeries on a regular basis and are trusted by many people.

What are the benefits of Kyphoplasty?

Not only such treatment restores the height of the spinal column and repairs compression fracture, kyphoplasty also provides the following other benefits:

  • It is a minimal invasive procedure which involves minute incisions and allows for short surgical recovery time
  • Patients can often move out of the hospital in a day or two post operation without any acute feel of pain
  • They are able to return to their normal daily life quite soon
  • There is no need for bracing

Another very important factor, which is ensured by Los Angeles pain management doctors right after surgery,is that this treatment prevents further fracture to the vertebrae. They say that by stabilizing the vertebrae, it prevents onset of severe spinal deformity.

The Doctors are experts in conducting these surgeries. It works best for newly developed fracture but is also effective for old injuries.

Recovery from Kyphoplasty

Pain Specialist gives you suggestion on procedures to follow while recovering from kyphoplasty. While pain relief may be immediate for certain patients, for others it may take a day or two. Normal daily routine and lifestyle can be followed by lifting of heavy weights and other such activities are better to avoid.

Regular check-up post-surgery is recommended by the doctors to review their condition including medication to prevent bone loss.

Pain Management Solutions for Chronic Pain in Los Angeles

If you are one amongst those millions living with chronic pain, then there is good news for you. There are pain management clinics in Los Angeles that treat chronic pain and give you relief. There is a whole new range of sophisticated treatment methods available starting from the use of effective drugs to the use of electrical stimulation. There is a lot that is being done to keep chronic pain in control and the methods used vary from clinics to clinics and depends on the type and intensity of pain you are suffering from.

All these advanced treatment methods have emerged in the past few years all thanks to the researchers who have gained a better understanding of chronic pain regarding how it develops and how it can be treated. Some of the origins of chronic pain are:

  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Health conditions like migraine, arthritis, diabetes, shingles and cancer

However, at times, there is no cause of chronic pain and doctors are unable to find the origin of the pain. And this can be frustrating for both the doctors and the patients.

Chronic Pain – Root and Relief

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In the past, people thought that chronic pain was more a physiological problem than physical pain. However, today’s pain managers understand how pain evolves and how the nervous system is affected and how the spinal cord interacts with the brain to create the sensation of pain.

There are chemical messengers present in the neurotransmitter system that pass nerve signals and doctors and researchers can now manipulate these signals and give relief from pain by changing the way they interact with the brain.

This involved the use of drugs like antidepressants etc. that affect specific chemicals present in the brain helping with the perception of pain. Today, there a whole range of medicines available those help get relief from all kinds of chronic pain.

With the development of MRI imaging, researchers can easily see the real activities going inside the brain. And this has made the treatment easier.

Relief from Chronic Pain

There are various steps involved in treating chronic pain by the pain management doctors in Los Angeles. Here are they:


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This is the first step for treating chronic pain and most doctors typically start by prescribing oral painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs that are non steroidal in nature. These help by reducing inflammation and swelling and giving relief. Finding the drugs that work for a patient’s chronic pain is often based on trial and error method. Often a combination of drugs is used unless the optimal result is attained. Anticonvulsants, antidepressants are often prescribed when the pain is severe.

Pain relief creams


Topical application of creams that contain a compound called capsaicin is also another method of treating chronic pain. Capsaicin works by reducing the transmission of P a pain – relaying substance to the brain. Some of the other ingredients that you can look for include salicylate, eucalyptus oil, camphor etc. These work by reducing inflammation and or by causing the sensation of either heat or coolness at the pain site and giving relief.

Skin patches are also used to get relief.

Narcotic pain medicines are used by pain management specialists and elsewhere when the pain is extremely severe. The use of these is however controversial as there is risk of addiction with regular usage.

Apart from medicines, a number of other pain management therapies are also used to get relief from chronic pain like chiropractic, massage therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, stem cell procedures etc. Most of the time a combination of all these methods is used to treat chronic pain.

Medial Branch Blocks

Your back pain doctor may order a medial branch block as a diagnostic tool to find the cause of your back pain. Medial branch nerves are small and they radiate from the facet joints in your spine. They are important because they carry pain signals to the brain. Your back pain doctor can use this block procedure to help find the problems that you are having with your back. If you notice an immediate reduction in pain, then the doctor will know that the source of your pain is with the facet joint.

The procedure involves an injection of anesthetic into an area close to the suspected joint. In most cases, the doctor will inject several areas at the same time to help determine exactly which joint is causing the problem. It should be noted that a medial branch block is used mostly to diagnose the source of the pain. Treatment, once the problem is identified, may involve a medial branch radiofrequency neurotomy, also known as ablation.

If the medial branch block confirms that a facet joint is involved, the ablation procedure may be considered for long-term relief from pain. In the ablation procedure, a certain type of injection is used that forms a lesion on the affected nerve that is carrying pain signals out to the patient’s brain. The goal is to stop this signal but to keep the nerve functional in its others purposes.

Medial Branch Block Procedure:

Your back pain doctor will perform the block using fluoroscopy, which is real-time x-ray, to Pain Management Doctorsguide the injection needle to the proper nerves. When the needle is in place, contrast dye is injected to ensure that the medial branch nerve is covered with the medicine. At this point, anesthestic is injected into the nerve area. The whole procedure is usually completed within thirty minutes.

Once the procedure is finished, your back pain doctor will have you rest for a few minutes. You will be asked to do a few movements that would cause the pain. If the procedure was successful, no pain will result from these motions.

Risks of Medial Branch Blocks:

The risks associated with this procedure are few. They include: allergic reaction to the meds used; bleeding (which is very rare); infection, which is also very rare.

Your back pain doctor will need to know before ordering the block if you are on any type of medication, especially blood thinning meds. You will also need to report any active infections that you may have as this may cause the doctor to postpone your block until the infection is cleared up. Also, if you have any type of allergies, you must report that to the doctor.

If you have been suffering from back pain, you should visit a back pain clinic as soon as possible. Many back pain problems only get worse as time goes by, and early diagnosis and treatment by an experienced back pain doctor is always your best option. You do not have suffer with back pain!


How To Identify Migraine Headaches

Nothing can disrupt your activities faster than the onset of a migraine headache. The large number of people who suffer from migraines know the severe and debilitating pain that accompanies them. For many, once a migraine takes hold, the only thing they can do is lie in a dark room where there is no light or noise to cause greater pain and nausea symptoms to occur.

More than 10% of the people in this country suffer with migraines, often seeking help from pain doctors when their condition becomes unbearable or home treatment methods are ineffective. People who suffer from migraines for the first time during their adult years may not realize that they have a migraine instead of a different type of headache. Some of the signs and symptoms that set migraines apart from other types of headaches are:

•    Throbbing pain which often occurs on one side of the head around the temples, eyes and forehead

•    Sensitivity to light and/or sound

•    Nausea or vomiting

•    Blurred vision

Some people experience warning signs before they ever feel the first pain from a migraine. Their mood may change or they may see auras as flashing lights or lights in waves or dots. Some people may detect an odd taste or smell. Sudden intense fatigue may signal a migraine as can increased muscle tension. Any of these signs may occur hours or even days before a headache occurs. As a result, some pain doctors have put a stronger emphasis on preventing migraines before they occur. Preventive measures may include:

•    Prescription Medication

•    Acupuncture

•    Hormone Therapy

•    Massage

•    Injections – Including the injection of medications which block nerve action where migraines are believed to occur

Although the exact cause of migraines is still not known, sufferers are fortunate that pain Pain Doctors Los Angelesdoctors have an increasing number of effective treatment options available to alleviate their pain and prevent the headaches from occurring. Some people with migraines have headaches as a result of triggers that they can learn to recognize. Some types of lights, watching TV, experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress and a lack of food or sleep are some common triggers. Some migraine sufferers recognize food triggers as causing their headaches, with a few foods being the most common triggers. They include cheese, soy sauce, chocolate, monosodium glutamate (MSG, an additive found in many foods), red wine and processed meat. Knowing what triggers your migraines will make it easier to prevent them from occurring.

Migraines and Women

More women suffer from migraines than do men and, as might be expected, their headaches are connected to their menstrual cycles. During the time of their cycle when estrogen levels decline, typically immediately prior to or during their menstrual periods, migraines will occur. In some women, hormonal therapy may alleviate migraine symptoms while others will experience more severe symptoms when taking hormones. Pain doctors must treat migraine patients on an individual basis to learn what the most effective treatments are for each person. Keeping a journal of what you experience before and during a migraine and including any potential triggers could help your doctor find the right treatment for your migraines faster.