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If you are suffering from either acute or chronic pain, there are a number of conditions which may be causing the discomfort. Maybe you were just in a car accident or a sports Back Pain Treatment Santa Monicainjury, or maybe you have no idea what you did to bring on the pain being experienced.

Whichever category you are in, your pain is unique and deserves Individualized care. You need a Santa Monica or Los Angeles chiropractor to partner with and bring your pain free life back.

How can a Chiropractor in Los Angeles help you?

The first thing an experienced Los Angeles chiropractor will do is listen to the history of your pain and perform a comprehensive physical exam to develop a tailored treatment plan.

Chiropractors in the greater Los Angeles area do not administer injections or write prescriptions, but they often work closely with Los Angeles pain management doctors who do. The alternative treatments chiropractors provide act synergistically with the conventional treatments that pain doctors offer.

Therapy with a Chiropractor Los Angeles trusts may entail spinal adjustments, Chiropractor Los Angelesacupuncture, spinal decompression therapy, massage, physiotherapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and possibly a TENS unit. Physiotherapy is basically the same as physical therapy that is performed under the license of a chiropractic doctor.

One of the key things that chiropractors are exceptional at is treating neck and back pain. Along with these areas, chiropractic doctors also excel with fibromyalgia, sciatica, disc bulges, carpal tunnel syndrome, and multiple types of headaches including tension and migraines.

When it comes to the treatment of auto accident injuries and sports related pain, chiropractors represent an excellent opportunity for nonoperative treatment to obtain pain relief.

The Basics of Chiropractic Treatment

There are over 50,000 chiropractors in America, and the field was developed over 100 Chiropractic Los Angelesyears ago. To become a chiropractor, individuals must complete a four-year intensive program at one of 20 chiropractic schools in America and then pass several exams.

12% of the US population is under a chiropractor’s care at any one point. That’s over 30 million people!

Back and neck pain represent the most common reasons that people seek care with a Los Angeles Chiropractor. Chiropractors in the greater Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas provide treatments that are often similar to physical therapy clinics, so those with arthritis or carpal tunnel Physical Therapy Los Angelessyndrome, for instance, often seek care with both simultaneously.

Multiple studies of patient satisfaction have been performed looking at chiropractic treatment. These average around 85% success rates. Due to the tremendous success most people have experienced with chiropractic treatment, most insurers provide coverage for the treatment.

The Cochrane collaborative has looked at compilations of chiropractic research studies. These have shown effectiveness of chiropractic therapies for back pain that is acute and some for chronic pain as well. Often times, chiropractors in Los Angeles also provide spinal decompression therapy, massage, acupuncture, TENS units and physical rehabilitation along with ultrasound, electrical stimulation and ice and heat.

acupuncture Los AngelesWhen looking at studies on cervical adjustments, which are the manipulations, the research is not as clear cut. It is heavily debated what the risks of neck adjustments are. Studies have shown the risk of a serious event to be between 1 in 1 to 2 million. This is actually a lower risk than getting into an auto accident on the way to your chiropractic appointment.

Chiropractic education is not standardized, and most practitioners offer different treatment options in their clinics. Various adjustment techniques include the diversified technique, activator, active release, flexion-distraction or applied kinesiology.California Pain Management

The California Pain Network offers Pain Management Clinics and Chiropractors in Los Angeles and Santa Monica plus the surrounding areas to help manage back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, RSD, failed back or neck surgery pain, disc herniations and bulges, auto accident pain, whiplash and migraine and headache treatments.

If you are dealing with a pain issue, don’t let it get in the way of being able to work and enjoy life. Simply fill out the contact form today or call (310) 626-1526.