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Pain Management Physicians Treat Many Conditions. This includes issues that are straight forward along with complicated ones, such as for patients who have failed surgery. Modern pain treatments offer hope to those suffering, whereas prior, therapy options were very limited or did not last very long.

When people think of painful conditions, they usually think mostly of back, neck or joint pain. However, modern pain physicians are highly versed in treating pelvic pain, headaches, migraines, neuropathy and fibromyalgia. With most of the time surgery not being indicated, patients tend to get very frustrated, even depressed, unless an expert pain doctor is able to provide relief.

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 The top pain doctors are able to comfortably assess those with pain to determine why a person is having pain. This typically includes a comprehensive history and physical exam, necessary imaging studies, and potentially diagnostic testing such as selective nerve root blocks or an EMG/NCV.

It is vital for a pain doctor to fully evaluate your condition with a necessary workup, then have the expertise to implement an effective plan that obtains the desired relief. Every year, pain conditions have new treatment options that come out. Some of these techniques are simply improvements over existing therapies, while others represent revolutionary treatments.

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