Dealing with Side Effects of Drug or Medicine Overuse: Treatments

Drug or medicine overuse can be accidental and in some cases intentional. They usually occur when a patient takes more than the prescribed dose and consequently their metabolism cannot detoxify the drug properly. There are people who are more sensitive to certain medications and hence high doses could be life threatening.

They can affect people of any age and is most common in young children and teenagers, an adult with mental disabilities to those in the mid 30s. While young children may swallow drugs accidentally owing to their curiosity, adults may ingest incorrect medication, or in some cases overdose purposely to get high or to harm themselves.

Research suggests that people respond differently to medicine or drug overdose. The treatment is therefore tailored to suit the individual’s body type, preferences, circumstances and needs.

Side Effects of Drug or Medicine Overuse:

Drug or Medicine Overuse effects on the entire body overall and could be lethal and place your life in danger. Some may trigger a person’s chronic disease. A person may suffer from sleepiness, confusion and coma, and the situation gets worse if the vomit is breathed into the lungs. The skin may feel cool and sweaty and at times absolute hot and dry. They could lead to chest pain and malfunction of heart and lungs. Breathing could get slow, deep, rapid and shallow. Occurrence of abdominal pain is possible and symptoms such as vomiting blood, blood in bowel movements, diarrhea could affect your daily routine. They all depend on the drugs as each of them effects specific organs.


Should you suffer from drug or medicine overdose, the first thing to do is call 911 or, your doctor to determine the seriousness of the condition. The specialists will have a thorough history and physical exam, lab tests in order to find evidence of poisoning. The process is followed by drug screening to understand the specific drug levels in the blood. It’s highly recommended that family members and associates should be available to provide information to the doctor with names of drugs, amounts consumed and the time frame of overdose.

The doctors may use gastric lavage to mechanically remove unabsorbed drugs from the stomach. A patient is then given activated charcoal to help bind drugs in the stomach and intestines. This is followed by the evacuation process in the stool from the bowels. They may ask the patient to get intubated in the detoxification process to help him/her breathe and protect the lungs simultaneously.

Depending on the overuse, other medicines may be needed as an antidote to reverse the effects to prevent any more harm from the drug that was initially ingested.

Once the treatment is performed, the doctors may recommend home therapy and observation.

Regular visit to the doctor is mandatory for a routine follow-up after the treatment to ensure no delayed injuries have occurred to any organ system. This also helps in discussing prevention and further safety of patients. For people who take a drug overdose to get high are required to get psychiatric help in addition to poison management.

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