Debunking 10 Acupuncture Myths

Acupuncture is based on an ancient Chinese diagnostic system called Qi. The treatment decreases inflammation and pain and increases your range of motion and blood flow. Many people have experienced positive results from the use of acupuncture and Pain Management Doctors in Los Angeles will often include acupuncture as part of their pain management protocol. There are a lot of myths around acupuncture, which has lead to a Pain Management Doctors In Los Angelesdegree of uncertainty and even a fear of having acupuncture done. Let’s debunk 10 acupuncture myths!

Myth #1 The Needles are Huge

Fact – Acupuncture needles come in different lengths and thicknesses but they are not huge. They are inserted less than ½” into the skin and even the thickest needle is only as thick as a single strand of hair.

Myth #2 The Needles are Painful!

Fact – Not at all. The most you will feel is a slight pinch and many people don’t even feel that. It’s not anything like getting a vaccination.

Myth #3 For Acupuncture to Work You Need to ‘Believe’ in It

Fact – It has been scientifically proven that acupuncture relaxes the nervous system and allows the body to release endorphins – it’s the feel good hormone. So even when you do not believe in acupuncture the process will work because it causes physiological changes to occur in the body that you have no control over.

Myth #4 The Needles Will Cause You to Bleed

Fact – Your body has capillaries everywhere and occasionally an acupuncture needle might nick a capillary that will cause a drop of blood to occur, but not more than that. Just put a cotton ball on it and apply pressure.

Myth #5 – The Needles Can Pass on Disease to You

Fact – This is highly unlikely since the acupuncture needles are stainless steel and disposable.

Myth #6 – You Need to Stay Completely Still When the Needles Are Being Placed

Fact – It’s best if you don’t move too much once the needles have been inserted, because if you move it can change the position of the needle and that can cause a slight pinching feeling. But if you have to adjust your body, it’s not a problem.

Myth #7 – Acupuncture is Only Effective in Pain Treatment

Fact – According to the WHO acupuncture is useful in a number of conditions other than pain treatment such as insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, menopausal symptoms, psycho-emotional conditions and infertility.

Myth #8 For Acupuncture to Work it Needs to be Done Everyday

Fact – Once the needles have been placed a shift of energy begins to happen in your body. How long you need acupuncture treatment and how often will be determined by your pain and condition.

Myth #9 You Won’t Have a Bad Reaction to Acupuncture

Fact – There are some common side effects that occur with acupuncture including minor soreness, bruising and after your treatment you might be tired.

Myth #10 Insurance Doesn’t Cover Acupuncture and It’s Expensive

Fact – Actually the number of health insurance companies that cover acupuncture are Pain Management Doctors Los Angelesincreasing, so make sure you check to see if your insurance company covers it. Also, acupuncture treatments are more affordable than you might think.

Now that we’ve identified 10 myths and provided the facts, you might want to consider acupuncture.

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