Disc injections With Los Angeles Pain Management Doctors

Disc injections

Cellular disc injections are injections designed to heal painful discs in your back. This is a minimally invasive procedure performed by pain management doctors in Los Angeles which requires a simple injection into the affected area. The goal of this is to enhance your body’s healing mechanisms by injecting a combination of your bone marrow cells and plasma.

Who should consider disc injection treatments?

Degenerative Disc Treatment in Los AngelesIf you suffer from chronic lower back pain which does not respond to nonsurgical treatment methods you might be the perfect candidate for disc injections. People who suffer from things such as degenerative disc disease do not experience pain relief when they pursue aggressive medical treatment. Chronic pain can cause some people to even consider serious treatment options like spinal fusion surgery. But in some cases disc injection treatment maybe the best treatment option for you.

How does disc injection treatment work?

The tissues inside of your body rebuild on a regular basis. Your bone marrow plays an important role in this process. The cells created by your bone marrow are delivered through the bloodstream to the rest of your body. These cells have a transformative ability which means that they can with all other cells in your body. The discs located in your back are fibrous structures which contain a gelatin core. The disc contains very little blood flow and as a result if they become irritated it becomes difficult for your body to deliver cells and the healing substances from your bone marrow to this area. Lower back pain which is chronic in nature typically reflects upon this inability of your disks to properly heal.

The use of disc injections by doctors harvest your bone marrow cells and inject them into the discs which are causing your pain. This procedure allows your disks the compounds necessary to regenerate and heal.

What is done during this procedure?

Pain clinics Santa MonicaA small amount of your bone marrow is taken from the back of your pelvis by a pain management doctor  after the area has been numb. This will be mixed with plasma in a centrifuge. An x-ray will be used during the procedure to guide the needle into the exact disc causing the problems. During this procedure you will be on your stomach and a local anesthetic will be provided. The area into which the injection will take place will be cleaned with an antiseptic. Once the x-ray has found the proper location the mixture of plasma and bone marrow stem cells will be injected into your disks by a Los Angeles pain management doctor.

How effective is this procedure?

This procedure has been effectively used for many years now. Prior standard treatments which are proven ineffective have been combated with this particular treatment method. In many cases 80% of patients will see significant improvement in the amount of pain that they have.

Are stem cells being injected?

In essence yes but the stem cells which are injected into your disks are produced by your body and taken from your body. No other cells are harvested from any other person or embryo.

How long does the process take?

This process takes approximately 1 to 2 hours in total.

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