How Does a Nerve Block Function? Info from an LA pain clinic

Nerve blocks serve a number of functions in the body. They can be used to determine a source of pain, to see how a patient’s body may react to long-term pain treatment, as a form of anesthesia during minor surgery, and provide long-term pain relief to those suffering from chronic ailments.Pain clinic Los Angeles

A nerve block is a minimally invasive tool in the Los Angeles pain management field, and it is an injection right around the nerve in order to stop the transmission of a pain signal to the brain. Often, a nerve block is only performed for patients who have not found relief from standard treatments and drug regimens. Patients who have found complications from other medicines or treatments are also potential candidates for a nerve block.

Who are the ideal patients to receive a Nerve Block?

Patients that are suffering from either acute pain, such as from sciatica, or who are suffering from a chronic pain may be eligible to receive a nerve block for relief. Chronic ailments that may find a nerve block as an ideal treatment are the spine, the neck, and the joints of the arms and legs. A nerve block to these areas provides a window of time for the patient to increase his or her activities and reduce the amount of medication necessary. While it is numbed by a block the nerve ceases to be irritated and inflamed.

Administering a Nerve Block

The first step to see if a patient can benefit from a full nerve block is to have them undergo a test block. The test is typically administered with local anesthetic and serves to see how

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Nerve block for sciatica

a patient will react to a blocking of that nerve. If adequate pain relief is provided with the test block, it is possible the pain management doctor in Los Angeles may move into injecting a patient with a full nerve block treatment.

Imaging is used to guide the LA pain doctor into placing the injection tool directly into the nerve. Post-injection the nerve will be numbed, as the pain receptors within are “turned off.” The effects of the nerve block injection can be felt almost immediately, with pain relief happening rapidly after administration.

Limitations of Nerve Blocks

There are a handful of restrictions when using a nerve block, with the primary issue being the length of time the effect persists. Many nerve blocks last only a few weeks, while the Pain Clinics in Los Angeleslong-term blocks for chronic pain may last for six months to a year. This small window of effect leads to necessary repeated injections to achieve a constant state of relief.

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