How to Combat Migraine Headache Pain

According to Pain Management Clinics Las Vegas, migraine headache affects more than 25 million Americans impacting a whooping national economy of $20 billion annually that is manifested in the form of lost work hours and direct medical expenses.

It originates in the brainstem and influences the central nervous system while causing pulsating pain that extends anywhere between 2 to 72 hours. This results in restriction in the ability to perform daily activities and hampers a normal life.

Pain Management Clinic Los Angeles provides you choices to combat the pain with cutting edge treatments with highest success rates in medical history.

If your headache persists for a long time, and if no medication seems to help, here are some approaches to consider.


The procedure includes electronic sensors that monitor body functions (muscle tension, skin temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure). The data are fed back to the patient in the form of sounds and in some cases in the form computer images. This helps patients to adapt and control the pain arising from bodily responses.




When thin needles are inserted under the skin on the affected sites in the body, the process not only bring range of motion and also encourages the flow of energy, thus preventing acute migraine and the frequent episodic or chronic tension-type headaches.




Get a massage for temporary relief. Regular practice could actually help you feel better for a long time. Plus, it also helps you sleep better.






Regular exercise including brisk walking, biking, or swimming can help reduce the severity and intensity of migraine pain.





Before you are on with your workout routine and after the session, take a moment to stretch your body thoroughly to avoid muscle tension and future injuries.






One of the important ways to cope with headache is practicing meditation. As you perform, it quiets the mind from distractions arising from chronic pain. Spiritual meditation not only reduces the frequency of headache but also improves your resilience towards pain.




Yes, yoga eases your aching head and brings balance to anxiety. It combines certain physical postures, breathing exercises, and mediation that boosts relaxation and brings tranquil to the mind, body and spirit. This results in zero or less frequent and painful attacks.




Sit down in a quiet room, be comfortable and breathe deeply, and let the mind wander. As you continue with the technique, relaxing muscle groups, use a mental imagery of a beautiful scene (could be a beach or starry sky). This will help you unwind and get rid of headache too.





Heat and Cold therapy:

Get a heating pad and apply it on the affected area. If it’s a pulsating headache apply ice bag on the site. As the temperature is raised and lowered, you can sense the feeling of relief. Make a habit of taking hot shower in the morning and before going to bed every day.

Lastly, avoid headache headache-inducing substances including nitrites and nitrates, found in foods such as processed meats.

The symptoms may vary from person to person and must be consulted with a doctor before starting any of the procedures mentioned above.

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