How Urine Drug Screening Levels the Pain Management Playing Field

Over the past decade, the amount of pain management prescriptions in America has quadrupled. There is a clear conflict when Los Angeles pain management doctors attempt Pain Management Glendale CAto balance treating patients humanely with opioid medications, versus the risk of abuse by patients of those medications.

Therefore, pain management doctors often institute safeguards that include opioid agreements, checking of the state pharmacy prescription database, along with urine drug screening. Frequently, patients get upset at a Los Angeles pain clinic when asked to perform a urine drug screen. Although it may seem like an invasion of privacy and a hassle, the procedure truly does help with patient compliance and level the playing field amongst pain management patients.

Pain management clinics in Los AngelesEvery 14 minutes in America, an individual dies from a prescription drug overdose. This amounts to over 20 to 25,000 individuals every year. Amazingly, 30 times that amount end up in an emergency room with a nonfatal overdose.

It is extremely difficult for even the most knowledgeable and expert pain management doctors to know exactly who is going to be compliant with the medications, or those who are going to divert their medications friends, family or sell them.

Therefore, in an effort to promote safety and compliance with treatment regimens, pain doctors are smart in instituting any safeguard that is available such as urine drug screening.

These drug tests can show whether or not the medication being prescribed is being taken, and with laboratory confirmation can actually show the amount of opiates in a person’sPain clinics in Santa Monica system. In addition, if an individual takes the drug that morning to try and beat the drug test, the confirmation looks at metabolites to check for this kind of cheating.

For an individual to get upset for having to take a drug test is understandable on one hand, but when placed against the safety of patients overall, patient should simply tolerate it.

With Congress and the DEA and State medical boards evaluating more closely the ability of physicians to prescribe controlled medications, drug screening and the other safeguard mechanisms are not going away.

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