FAQs on Laser Endoscopic Discectomy

What is Laser Endoscopic Discectomy?

Laser Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is used to help treat an intervertebral disc that has been damaged. A person’s spine consists of a disc herniation mrilong, bony row of vertebrae. In between each vertebrae are discs made of soft tissue that are meant to protect the spinal bone.

During a Laser Endoscopic Discectomy procedure, the Los Angeles pain management doctor will generally extract some of the disc from in between the vertebrae. This is performed in a minimally invasive fashion with a minimal incision and the use of a laser. The removal of a small piece of the disc will take pressure off of the nerve root that’s being pinched, resulting in pain relief from the patient’s sciatica.

How is a Laser Endoscopic Discectomy Procedure Performed?

The pain management doctor in Los Angeles will make a relatively small incision in the back that provides access to the damaged area. Once the incision is made, the doctor will extract the soft disc tissue by using a specialized tool called a biter or grasper along with the laser. This procedure is relatively simple and does not cause a lot of bleeding or pain.

Is this Treatment Right for Me?

One of best things about the Laser Discectomy Procedure is that it provides relief to different types of people that suffer from a wide range of back problems. If you suffer from a bulging disc, herniated disc or other disc related back issues, this procedure may be right for you.

What are the Different Medical Conditions that this Treatment is used for?

herniated discLaser Endoscopic Discectomy is used to treat disc degeneration, disc tears, bulging discs, pinched nerves, radiculitis, lower back pain, ineffective neck surgery, foraminal stenosis, sciatica, failed back surgery, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, numbness and tingling sensations.

Is this Procedure Painful?

Minimally. Because Laser Endoscopic Discectomy procedures are minimally invasive, the entire process is relatively painless. In addition, compared to other back surgeries, the recovery time is quick and easy.

Regular discectomy procedures often require a night in the hospital and considerable pain for days to weeks. The laser discectomy procedure involves an incision that is hard to see, and patients go home the same day.

What are the Main Benefits that this Procedure Offers?

The main benefit that a Laser Endoscopic Discectomy procedure provides is an extremely effective treatment option, with minimal risks associated with it. Because the incision is tiny and performed through the muscle, there is minimal scar tissue that forms around the nerves. Not only that, but this procedure provides relief to a variety of different back issues.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Also known as a slipped disc, a herniated disc is when the nucleus tissue in between the vertebrae is forced outside of the center of the disc. Technically, the disc does not actually slip, but the tissue inside the disc can rupture and come in contact with one of the spinal nerves. When this happens, it can cause back pain, lower back weakness or numbness.

How Soon After the Procedure will I Notice a Difference?

This depends on how your body responds to the Laser Endoscopic Discectomy procedure. In some cases, patients have noticed immediate relief with minor soreness in the treated area, Typically, patients will notice reduced pain and relief within 3-4 days. In addition, mobility and range of motion will greatly increase after healing.