Non-operative Pain Management for Osteoarthritis and RA

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are both forms of degradation in a person’s joints. Both refer to the cartilage within a person’s joints breaking down, which damages the tissues that lie under the bones. This damage results in the person experiencing pain in the joints. Los Angeles pain doctor

Basically, cartilage is a rubber-like material that serves as a separator for the two bones, which the the joint connects. When the cartilage begins to break down, it can be extremely painful for a person because, now, there is less padding in between their bones and the bones are allowed to rub together freely.

Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear on the joints over time. RA is different because it is the result of the body’s immune system attacking its own joints. In order to reconstruct the cartilage between a person’s joints, he or she must undergo surgery. If the person does not prefer to have surgery, he or she can follow a pain management plan. If you begin to experience some of the symptoms of RA or osteoarthritis, you should contact a pain management doctor in Los Angeles or Orange County. These symptoms may include, but are not limited to the following.


  • Joint pain and general soreness, which is heightened when one moves.
  • The feeling of pain in the joints after having not used them for long periods of time. This may also be experienced after extremely long use.
  • It may look like the bones are growing or becoming larger around the sore spots.

There are solutions a person can use to help relieve or reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and RA without undergoing a surgery.

Pain Management Steps

  • Losing weight may help to lessen the effects of all types of arthritis. If you are over weight, that results in more pressure is being put on your joints, thus increasing the speed of deterioration.
  • Taking pain medicines that seek to reduce inflammation may lessen your pain greatly. Some great examples of these medicines, which are easy to obtain, are Tylenol and Aspirin.
  • There are some substances (such as menthol-based products) which can be applied to the surface of the skin around the joint to lessen pain.
  • Light exercise may help ease the pain by making the muscles around the joints stronger, thereby easing the pain on the joint’s cartilage.
  • A brace may help to take the stress off of your joints.
  • Steroid injections could potentially reduce the pain associated with arthritis.
  • Finally, hot/cold treatments may help the pain.

Please note that the above options are not used to repair the deteriorated cartilage, but to help prevent further deterioration while decreasing the amount of pain experienced. If you choose to follow a pain management plan, these treatments can be combined together to lessen the pain to a more manageable level, but this must be done with careful consideration of the effects one treatment may have on another and side effects.

Effective treatment for RA and OA outside of surgery can be achieved with a combination of medical and interventional pain management. With the proper treatment at pain clinics in Los Angeles and Orange County such as those in the California Pain Network, the success rates are impressive.

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