Pain Management Clinic Can Help With Serious Workplace Injuries

There are all kinds of injuries that happen on the job. Depending on the type of injury you suffer you may be back to work in no time, but sometimes workplace injuries are serious and you aren’t so lucky.

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That’s where a Pain Management Clinic can really be helpful.

Many pain management clinics have a program that’s designed specifically for workplace injuries that has its own outpatient assessment and treatment programs, with dedicated occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, and pharmacists that are able to handle complex pain issues and pain medications. There are also psychologists to help workers adjust to their current situations. This can be very difficult for workers who have always been hard working to now not be able to work or function in many areas of their lives. Having a trained professional to talk to can be

The assessment will vary from one pain management clinic to the next but the admission criteria that focuses around workers that have complex pain issues such as

• Major psychosocial issues (i.e. Depression, anxiety), which are more than an occupational rehabilitation program is able to deal with.
• A disability that has a need for pain management that includes narcotics, sedatives and/or hypnotic drugs.
• Workers with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) requiring a multidisciplinary program.

Pain Treatments May Include

Neck Pain 3 across horizontalA customized training program will be designed to meet your needs based on your injuries. This can include:
• Assessment of medications for pain management.
• Stress management – when you are in pain you are more likely to be stressed and this can really help.
• Education and training about your condition, your pain, etc.
• Psychological counseling.
• Exercise.
• Simulated work activities.
• Tapering off or elimination of narcotics and/or sedative medications if necessary.

Of course, not all of these may apply to you. For example, you may not be participating in simulated work activities because you won’t be returning to the job you had. In the worst cases, you may not be returning to work at all. It’s important for you to get a program that’s custom created for your injury, your emotional state, the type of injury, the prognosis of your injury, and many other very personal factors will considered when your treatment plan is being put together.

How Long Will I Go to the Pain Clinic?

Most times you will be treated as an outpatient. How long you will need treatment for depends on your injuries, how you respond to treatment protocols and the progress you make. You will not be rushed. The professionals at the Pain Management Clinic want to make sure that you get the treatment you need to move forward with your life. After discharge from your program, you will still return for follow up to make sure things are going good for you. How long you will return for, depends on your situation; however, once a month for a year is quite common.

Pain Management Santa MonicaThe pain management clinic isn’t like being treated by your family doctor. These are professionals that have specialized skills in the management of chronic pain who work together to create the best-case scenario for you.


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