Pain Management Doctors Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain condition that is often caused when there is a dysfunction in your nervous systems. Headache specialist Los AngelesMost times, there is a very noticeable change in the temperature and the color of the skin on the part of your body that is affected. There can be skin sensitivity, intense burning pain, swelling and sweating.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is often triggered because you suffered an injury of some kind, but it can also happen with nerve injury or trauma. Instead of getting better with time, CRPS pain will get worse with time. The pain tends to travel to other areas of the body and when you are stressed, it can become worse.

Pain Evaluation
Pain can occur for a number of reasons and when it’s chronic pain, it can go on for months, even years. An initial injury or condition might trigger the chronic pain disorder. A survey that was done by the American Pain Foundation, found that the majority of people who deal with chronic pain also deal with depression, interrupted sleep, and they find it hard to concentrate or enjoy pain.

Each person dealing with chronic pain hurts in their own way. No two people are exactly the same. That’s why your Pain Management Doctors will carefully evaluate your pain and your medical history. They will also study the underlying cause of your pain. All of this is done so that they can create a pain management plan that is as individual as you are. Of course, before any pain management treatment plan is implemented your pain management doctors will discuss your options with you.Neck pain

Your Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Your pain management doctors have many tools at their disposal. They will use incorporate as many of the approaches that they need to.

•    Alternative Medicine
•    Anesthesiology
•    Behavioral Medicine
•    Dietetics
•    Internal Medicine
•    Neurological surgery
•    Neurology
•    Orthopedic surgery
•    Pharmacology
•    Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

Medication Therapy to Treat Your Pain
The use of medications is fairly typical in the treatment of chronic pain. Your pain management doctors will evaluate the various medications that are available and then make recommendations about what might work best for you or what combination of medications might work best.

•    Anticonvulsants
•    Antidepressants
•    Corticosteroids
•    COX-2 inhibitors
•    Muscle relaxants
•    Opioids
•    Over-the-counter medications

Before any medications are prescribed, your Pain Management Doctors will have a look at your full medical history, what medications you are currently taking, which medications you have tried that worked or did not work, and any medications that you may have an allergy to.

Pain management is an important part of your healing process. When you suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome intervention by pain management doctors can help you to get your life back by getting the pain under control. Pain Clinic Los AngelesIf you are frustrated and unhappy with the results you have had so far, ask your doctor to refer to you to a pain management clinic where Pain Management Doctors have the expertise to help you become pain free.

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