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With over 100 million Americans being affected with chronic pain on a daily basis, it is great that modern medicine has produced multiple excellent options for providing pain relief. However, it is extremely important that patients seeking pain management in Los Pain Management Los AngelesAngeles understand exactly what to expect regarding possible outcomes.

When an individual has pain, the discomfort is unique in a sense that one person may have a lower ability to withstand pain than another. In addition, every person’s story is different, such as the individual who has failed four back surgeries or the different person who was in a car accident and sustained whiplash.

The best Los Angeles pain management is with doctors that work hard to ascertain the source of pain and then treat it with individualized options. You should never be on a one-size-fits-all treatment plan.

When it comes to how much pain relief should be expected, there are a few factors to Sciatica Treatment Los Angelesconsider. For an individual who has acute sciatica, the prospect of achieving 100% pain relief is very good. Over 95% of individuals are able to avoid surgery for a disc herniation and achieve excellent pain relief.

In contrast to that scenario, consider the chances of a person achieving 100% pain relief who has undergone multiple lumbar spine surgeries and is left with residual pain. It is unrealistic to tell this patient that complete pain relief should be expected. That would be a “home run” if it could, but most likely pain relief will be more in the neighborhood of 50 to 70%.

In order to get that 50 to 70% relief at pain clinics in Los Angeles, it may take a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, medication management along with a spinal cord stimulator being placed.

The point here is that a simple presentation of pain may allow pain doctors in Santa Monica to achieve complete pain relief. The more complicated the scenario gets however, it becomes more unrealistic to present that goal as an option. Most likely, the goal will be 50 to 70% pain relief and hopefully getting the patient back to worPain Treatment Los Angelesk and playing with their kids.

As long as patients understand what to expect, then outcomes can be managed appropriately. If someone expects half of the pain is going to be relieved and that’s the outcome, it’s much better than if they expect all the pain to be gone and only half of it is vanquished.

Modern pain management has a lot to offer including steroid injections, stem cell injections, platelet rich plasma, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulators and more.

If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain, there are options to get it under control. Contact the California Pain Network, where you will be connected with the best pain management Los Angeles has to offer. Simply fill out the form or call (310) 626-1526 today!

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