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Pain Management Clinics, LA and Orange County provide holistic pain relief therapies. By being experts in so many procedures, each patient’s unique condition can be treated with a customized regimen to obtain the best results possible.

The goal of treatment is to utilize minimally invasive, low risk options to provide maximum benefit. Most of the time, possibly risky surgery is avoided, and with it the need for a lengthy rehab with considerable lost time from work.

Pain treatments in the 21st Century have improved immensely, with some being able to provide over a year of consistent relief. Most patients are able to reduce medication levels and truly achieve life changing levels of activity.

Certified pain and Spine Doctors in the Network provide:

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Pain Management Procedures

Compared to just ten years ago, available treatment options are not only better, there are more available. Some therapies such as epiplatelet rich plasma therapy los angelesdural steroid injections have stood the test of time for over 50 years. While others, such as radiofrequency ablation, are relatively new and able to provide relief in over 80% of patients for up to 18 months!

The benefit of the new and improved procedures is that more patients are able to avoid the need for surgery, get back to work and play with the family.

In the words of the great Julius Caesar, “Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.” With the Board Pain clinics Los AngelesCertified pain doctors in the Network tailoring options that may include medications and/or interventional therapies, chances are over 90% that you will achieve the desired outcome.

Most insurance is accepted along with personal injury liens, workers compensation, PPO’s (Major Medical) and Self Pay as well.

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