Survey Shows Migraine Patients not Happy with Treatment

Over 35 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. When they come on, migraines can be disabling and very painful.

A survey from last year showed that only 34% of migraine patients were reporting satisfaction with their treatment. The survey was conducted by Participants were recruited through the website, social media sites, search engines and other Migraine Specialist Los Angelesmediums.

The participants were over 18 years of age and lived in all areas of the United States. The participants were asked to answer over 100 questions. Really very few people finished all the questions, but the data accumulated was very helpful.

Over 2700 participants completed the survey, and over 90% of those who participated were female. Over three fourths had been dealing with migraines for over a decade with over half having 15 or more headache days each month.

Headache Clinic Los Angeles90% of those responding had tried prescription migraine pills with approximately 80% of those being over-the-counter pain pills. Another 80% had tried over-the-counter migraine pills and 61% had taken prescription pain medication.

Side effects of medications were extremely common and almost half of the participants stopped medications because of cost issues.

Over half of the respondents reported that migraine headaches had negatively affected their careers. Just over 10% said that the headaches had led to a separation or a divorce. In addition, over 60% of those participating also suffer from depression and anxiety.

What the study clearly shows is that a significant amount of individuals with migraines are not achieving satisfactory pain relief. Better options are needed to effectively manage pain.

Pain management doctors in Los Angeles offer considerable treatment options such as nonnarcotic or narcotic medications, acupuncture, occipital blocks, chiropractic treatment and other medications.Pain Clinics in Los Angeles

The success rates with Los Angeles pain management doctors are considerably higher than it what is recorded in this particular survey. For those suffering from migraines and other headaches, let the California Pain Network help you. The Network provides pain management Los Angeles trusts, including LA pain clinics offering medication management and procedures.

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