An Overview of Joint Injections in Los Angeles Pain Management

Joint Injections are administered for relieving the pain being felt by a patient in his or her joints. The physician simply injects a hypodermic needle in to the joint in which the patient is feeling the pain and delivers a small dose of either an anti-inflammatory drug or an Pain Doctor Los Angelesanesthetic to curb the pain and stop the inflammation thus providing instant relief to the patient.

                      What are the major indications for having Joint Injections?

People who are experiencing severe pain in their joints either due to stress or because they are suffering from a chronic disorder such as arthritis are ideal candidates for having joint injections. Patients who are suffering from inflammatory disorders of joints such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, gout and bursitis will also find joint injections a lot helpful in relieving the soreness of their joints and in providing them relief from the never ending pain.

Moreover, any person who has suffered an injury that has resulted in soft tissue damage present in and around a joint can also have joint injections placed in the affected area to alleviate the pain and potentially accelerate the healing process.

                                      What do Joint Injections entail?

Joint Injections are simple injections that are administered using a normal hypodermic needle. The injections usually contain an anesthetic or an anti-inflammatory drug. The Knee Doctor Los Angelesanti-inflammatory agents that are most commonly injected in to the joints for relieving the inflammation and pain being suffered by the patients are either corticosteroids or Hyaluronic acid. The effect of corticosteroids in relieving the pain varies from patient to patient (Owen, 1997).

The newest types of injections that are beneficial include platelet rich plasma therapy and stem cell injections. Small studies have shown substantial benefits, and larger studies are ongoing.

                     How do Joint Injections help the doctor provide treatment?

Joint Injections are quite capable of providing instant relief to the patients who are suffering from chronic joint pain. Joint injections may help a patient avoid or delay the need for a joint replacement.

In addition, injections of hyaluronic acid, PRP or stem cells can compel the joint to produce more cartilage and potentially regenerate somewhat. Injections of steroid are allowed multiple times per year.

                          What to expect when having Joint Injections?

The administration of Joint Injections is not a complicated procedure. The Los Angeles Pain Management Doctor or nurse who is administering the injection is going to first Pain Management Santa Monicathoroughly clean the portion of the skin and sterilize above the joint where the injection is to be injected. This is going to be followed by the application of a local anesthetic or a cold spray to numb the skin.

After all of this is done, the hypodermic needle of the syringe carrying the joint injection is going to be carefully inserted in to the joint in which you are feeling pain and the contents of the injection are going to be injected in it by pressing down the plunger of the syringe.

                           What are the risks of having Joint Injections?

Even though the administration of Joint Injections is a very effective way of relieving the chronic pain in joints, this procedure does have a few risks as well. Among them the most important one by far is that of infection. The overall risk is about 1%.

There is also a small risk of an allergic reaction to the medications used. One thing that sometimes happens with PRP is increased pain for a couple days due to the inflammation sparked up for healing. Also, one thing seen with hyaluronic acid injections is a possible pseudo-infection. It may look red and infected, but typically it’s not.

                            What are the benefits of having Joint Injections?

The most important benefit of having joint injections is relief from the never ending joint pain. Moreover, joint injections can also stop the accumulation of fluid in the joints as well Pain Doctor Santa Anawhich will put an end to the stiffness being felt by the patient. The good to excellent results are usually over 75%, and pain relief may last for a few months.

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