How Does CRPS Occur? Info from a Los Angeles Pain Clinic

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is chronic and ongoing. The pain of this condition is severe and can cause multiple uncomfortable side effects. This condition is also referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD). In many cases, experts agree that RSD Treatment Los AngelesCRPS is caused by some type of dysfunction in the peripheral or central nervous system.

CRPS is common among patients aged 20 to 35 years of age, and it can also occur in children, even though this is rare. Women seem to suffer more than men when it comes to this condition.

There is no one cause or reason for CRPS to occur. It is noted that the condition is caused by multiple different reasons, and all of the reasons produce the same or similar symptoms.

Symptoms of CRPS

Experts believe that CRPS can flare up and become worse due to any type of emotional stress that the patient may be undergoing. There is a link between being emotionally unstable or upset and having a flare-up, including inflammation and pain.  When a patient has CRPS or RSD, they may experience the following symptoms:

–       SwellingPain Management Los Angeles

–       Burning sensation

–       Severe pain

–       Decreased ability to move affected area

–       Skin color changes

Causes and Associated Conditions of CRPS

There is no exact known cause of CRPS. This is a progressive disease that will develop over time and is considered a long-term problem. One of the many conditions associated with CRPS is damage to a nerve. Injury to the nerve can result in long-term damage, which

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Even a routine procedure like a knee scope can lead to RSD.

will result in CRPS. The CRPS will occur over time and become worse as it progresses.

Another condition associated with CRPS is an injury or even illness that affects an area of nerves. Many of the CRPS cases that are documented are due to this type of cause.

Many of the cases of CRPS that are diagnosed seem to have something to do with a forceful trauma occurring to a particular area of the body. This can be due to an amputation, a limb being crushed, or even a fracture of the arm or leg.

It also can occur postoperatively. Many of the associated conditions seem to relate to an arm or leg, since that is where the pain and inflammation is most commonly felt.

Other conditions associated with CRPS include heart attacks, strokes, and infections. These occurrences can cause damage to nerves or the area around nerves and CRPS will develop. Since various conditions are not actually known to be a causing factor, doctors and researchers believe that a dysfunctional reaction occurs between the nervous system during the healing process, which leads to the inflammation and pain felt by the patient.

Problems and Treatments

It is important for patients to be treated as soon as they believe they have CRPS. This will help secure successful treatment of the condition. If the condition is not caught in time, Pain Management Beverly Hills CAthere can be severe symptoms and complications including muscle tightening and atrophy.

Patients can receive treatment for CRPS through a number of different methods, including over-the-counter or prescription medications. These will help to treat the pain and also the inflammation that the patient is experiencing.

Corticosteroids and topical analgesics are also effective at treating the condition. Patients have also benefited from using methods at home like applying hot or cold packs and exercising. This will help increase the range of motion of the affected area and also relieve pain.

Pain Relief Los AngelesSince the exact cause CRPS is unknown, Pain Management Doctors in Los Angeles can only treat the associated symptoms and conditions. Reoccurrences of the symptoms do occur and sometimes on a regular basis for some patients despite treatment.

When these reoccurrences do occur, your Los Angeles Pain Doctor may prescribe a temporary medication to help relieve the pain and also inflammation. It seems that flare-ups are related to extreme weather changes, emotional stress, or distress.

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