All about Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

The best minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures are Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty. If not treated, it could lead to the collapse of a vertebra causing the spine to shorten and curve forward from its usual position. This often causes pain and kyphotic deformity.

A common cause of vertebral compression fractures is osteoporosis (thinning of healthy bones). The other cause is pathologic fractures related to spinal tumors.

A hollow needle is inserted, trocar through the skin and into the vertebra while patients lie face down. To guide the trocar into proper position, fluoroscopy is used. Vertebroplasty or, an inflatable balloon-like device (kyphoplasty) is then inserted into the vertebra through the trocar. Inflationof the balloon causes opening up of a space that is filled with bone cement

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These two procedures are also used to restore the vertebra height and straightening out the curved spine.

Both procedures are used for the treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures. Doctors may recommend the treatment after other treatments have proved inefficient to bring relief. They are ideal for patients with chronic pain or for conditions that often limit bed rest and prescribed medications.

The procedures may be performed on elderly patients and people who are prone toimpaired bone healing after a fracture, or individuals who suffer from osteoporosis due to long-term steroid treatment. If completed within eight weeks of the acute fracture,there are good chances of successful treatment.

People with painful and progressive back pain mainly due to osteoporotic or pathologic vertebral compression fractures are advised these procedures. People suffering from decreased mobility and function as a result of the fractures are also advised to go for these treatments. It is also recommended if the pain iscaused by vertebral fracture and not due to arthritis or stenosis. Spinal X-rays, bone scans,CT, and MRI scans are first done to confirm vertebral fracture.

General anesthesia is used during the two procedures. This largely depends on the doctor and the needs, circumstances and preferences of the patient. An overnight stay is generally recommended butin some cases patients are allowed to go the same afternoon.

The patients might experience some soreness on the sites which is resolved with a couple of days. For quick recovery,ice pack application on the area is advised.

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Pain relief and improved mobility has been observed immediately and sometimes, as soon as within 48 hours of the procedures.

Most patients are satisfied with the results with many being able to return to their lives just as before the vertebral fracture occurred.

Board Certified Los Angeles pain management doctors provide the two procedures, as well as counseling, education and guidance, as part of a holistic therapy.

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The Board Certified Los Angeles pain management doctors offer Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty, along with counseling, education and guidance, all under one roof.

Kyphoplasty and ways of Treatment

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive treatment that rebuilds the vertebral space using orthopedic cement. The vertebral space may occur due to compression fracture and this treatment can help a person to stand erect again.

Prior to kyphoplasty procedure, a balloon is inflated in the fracture to create an empty space. This helps in injecting more bone cement which is placed under lower pressure.

Los Angeles pain management clinics are the best place where such treatments are conducted with precision. The aim of this procedure is to stop pain caused by spinal fracture and to restore the lost vertebral body height which occurs due to compression fracture.

Who should go for Kyphoplasty?

People with a deformed spine experiencing painful symptoms from recent compression fractures are advised by doctors to undergo kyphoplasty. California Pain Network, specializes in kyphoplasty to rectify the posture of a patient who has a bent spinal structure as a result of bone loss.

Although, it is quite common among old people to bend forward with age, it may also be seen among younger people after an injury. Timely consult with family doctors can prevent permanent damage.

How is the surgery conducted?

A typical kyphoplasty surgery is conducted in the following manner:

  • The patient is made to lie down on the operating table either completely asleep or sedated
  • Through two opening in the body, specialized tubes are inserted directly into the affected vertebra
  • Through the tube, the balloons are inserted into the collapsed vertebra and once in place, these balloons are inflated with a liquid to lift the vertebra back its original height
  • After the bone gets expanded, the balloons are deflated, leaving an empty cavity within it
  • Now the bone cement in inverted into the vertebra through both the tubes into the hollow space and it solidifies after a minute

As soon as the patient is awake, he/she is made to walk around and is discharged within a day or two. Later on, only physical therapy is required for strengthening of the spinal muscles. There is no need for pain medication anymore. California Pain Network conducts these surgeries on a regular basis and are trusted by many people.

What are the benefits of Kyphoplasty?

Not only such treatment restores the height of the spinal column and repairs compression fracture, kyphoplasty also provides the following other benefits:

  • It is a minimal invasive procedure which involves minute incisions and allows for short surgical recovery time
  • Patients can often move out of the hospital in a day or two post operation without any acute feel of pain
  • They are able to return to their normal daily life quite soon
  • There is no need for bracing

Another very important factor, which is ensured by Los Angeles pain management doctors right after surgery,is that this treatment prevents further fracture to the vertebrae. They say that by stabilizing the vertebrae, it prevents onset of severe spinal deformity.

The Doctors are experts in conducting these surgeries. It works best for newly developed fracture but is also effective for old injuries.

Recovery from Kyphoplasty

Pain Specialist gives you suggestion on procedures to follow while recovering from kyphoplasty. While pain relief may be immediate for certain patients, for others it may take a day or two. Normal daily routine and lifestyle can be followed by lifting of heavy weights and other such activities are better to avoid.

Regular check-up post-surgery is recommended by the doctors to review their condition including medication to prevent bone loss.