New Study Shows Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

Spinal cord stimulator implants have been shown in numerous studies to be an excellent option for those patients suffering from failed back surgery syndrome. This is when a Pain Managment Clinics in Los Angelesperson has undergone low back surgery that ended up failing to relieve the persons pain.

A new study out of Duke University showed that spinal cord stimulator implants have less than half the complication rates of revision lumbar spine surgery, along with less than half of the hospital length of stay.

The researchers evaluated the medical records of over 16,000 patients with failed back surgery syndrome. Only 2.4% of the patients underwent a spinal cord stimulator implant versus the rest, who underwent revision lumbar surgery.

Complication rates after surgery maxed out at 14.4%, whereas they only maxed out at 6.65% for the stimulator implants.

Low Back Pain Treatment Los AngelesThe researchers did not evaluate outcomes with the procedures, however, it has been shown in multiple recent studies that spinal cord stimulator implants work exceptionally well for relieving back pain and leg pain that results with failed back surgery syndrome.

Unfortunately, 10 to 40% of those who undergo lumbar spine surgery end up with a failed outcome. Rather than subjecting patients to a repeat surgery with limited chance of success, it may be prudent in more situations to consider the stimulator cord stimulator implant.

Especially when looking at the lower complication rates, shorter hospital stays, and good to excellent results shown in previous studies exceeding 75%.

Pain management doctors in Los Angeles are experts at spinal cord stimulator implants along with the treatment of chronic back pain and failed back surgery syndrome. Revision spine surgery has its fair share of complications, and all Pain Clinics in Glendale CAnonoperative methods should be tried first.

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