Benefits of Physical Therapists for Pain Relief

Physical therapists are licensed medical specialists who examine, evaluate and treat patients with conditions such as back pain, neck pain, burns, wounds, sciatica, whiplash and wear tear arthritis, osteoporosis, developmental disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other various conditions that affect their ability to move freely without pain. They are evidence-based health care officials offering cost-effective solutions to improve motion and relief pain.

Physical therapy is one of the essential components of pain management and involves blending physiology with exercises that improves flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

An extensive consume research conducted nationwide suggests that while seeking medical solutions, patients with chronic pain look for improved mobility and motion, an alternative to surgery and the ways for reduction of prescribed medications.

Keeping the above in mind, here are a few of the many benefits of physical therapists for pain relief:

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Improved mobility and motion:

The quality of a patient’s life is determined by their ability to move freely. Everyday task such as doing the dishes, lifting books to study, a sports activity like golf, or important activity including performing the job – every task needs motion. A physical therapist can help patients experience improved mobility, motion and function. They also help prevent minor or fatal injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle by building more strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Offer alternative to avoid surgery:

Surgery is the most recommended course of treatment for certain diagnoses. However there are several evidences to prove that physical therapists can indeed offer an alternative to avoid surgery. They can enhance the outcome both before and after the surgery, when there is a need for one. Physical therapies are also valuable to individuals whose health conditions prevent surgery from being an option.



Prevent the long term use of Medication:

With the methodology taught by a physical therapist, patients can control pain effectively, thus reducing the need for long term use of prescribed medications management of pain and certain other health conditions. Many studies have in fact revealed that patients who receive regular physical therapy experience better improvement in function.

Physical therapy is a multidisciplinary pain control program in the healthcare system, introduced to restore balance in the body by imparting education on posture, pace, exercise, physical activity and manual therapy.

A physical therapist will help design an affective pain management plan to fit the patients’ need, circumstances, situations and body type. Serving as coach, they can help improve problem solving skills, decision making power and better physical activity. They can help patients to believe in their ability to take control over the pain.

Physical therapy, whether performed alone or combined with other treatments are essential to help reduce and manage your pain and sustain your long-term recovery and prevent future recurrence.

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