Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant for Chronic Pain

Spinal cord stimulation technique has been widely used for the effective treatment of chronic pain associated with different origins. It is most commonly used for treating and controlling pain arising due to failed back surgery syndrome. Spinal Cord Stimulator Los Angeles

It is also commonly used in cases of angina pectoris pain, regional pain and peripheral vascular problems. Though it was first introduced in 1967 by Shealy in case of patients suffering chronic pain from cancer, the outcome from this technique has proved very successful during the last decade and it has now become widely accepted as a therapy in case of chronic or neuropathic pain.

The SCS System

It comprises an electrode lead along with a pulse generator and a programmer. Today’s devices are very sophisticated and reliable for offering good relief in case of chronic pain.  It has a pulse generator, almost like a battery.

Many devices offer rechargeable batteries that can be charged through the skin. However, some other pulse generators are completely implanted and need not be recharged. Pasadena Pain ClinicHowever, they will have to be replaced. Another system consists of a transmitter, receiver and an antenna, depending on radio frequency for powering it. The antenna and the transmitter are outside the body, whereas the receiver has to be implanted inside the body.

SCS Procedure

During this procedure, the device offering electrical signals has to be implanted into the body. This is done either surgically or through the skin. The patient can then turn the current on or off and also adjust the intensity of the electricity signals. There is usually a pleasant and tingling sensation.Pain Management Clinic Los Angeles

Your skin is first numbed by the use of a local anesthetic. Wires are placed under the skin and stretched in the area over the spinal cord. These wires are then connected to the current generator placed outside the body. The entire procedure just lasts an hour and you can go home. In case the treatment is effective, you can opt for a permanent generator that will be implanted under the abdomen skin with a small surgical cut being made. This generator runs on batteries that can even last a few years.


Effective relief from many painful syndromes of chronic pain has been experienced by many patients due to the use of spinal cord stimulation techniques. The cost might be high initially, but the treatment is cost effective especially in the long run. It can be used in Pain Management Pomonacombination with psychotherapy as well as physical therapy to provide long term relief from chronic pain, improving the patient’s quality of life and enhancing the capacity to carry on day to day activities.

If you are experiencing chronic pain that has not responded well to surgery and other treatments, a spinal cord stimulator may be the best answer. The Best Pain Management Doctors in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas offer spinal cord stimulator implant treatment.

For more information and scheduling to see if an SCS can help you, call (310) 626-1526. The CA Pain Network offers pain clinics throughout the greater LA area, Orange County, Long Beach, Inland Empire and more.