The Role Of The Pain Management Clinic

These days we hear a lot about pain management clinics, but what exactly is the role of these clinics and is it something that could benefit you. Good you asked. Let’s have a deeper look at the role of the pain management clinic.

Trigeminal Neuralgia TreatmentPain management clinics specialize in getting your pain under control and helping you to lead as normal a life as possible within your limitations. The primary goal is to evaluate you and determine which medications along with which therapies can most benefit. Quality of life is important to the professionals who work within the clinic.

Who You Might See at the Pain Management Clinic

When you first arrive at the pain management clinic, you will likely be greeted by a friendly receptionist or clerk. You will be asked to fill out a pre-visit questionnaire where you can list all of your medications that you are currently on, any treatments that you’ve had, any treatments you are undergoing, and your medical history. This information will be passed on to your doctor.

Your next stop at the pain management clinic will be with a doctor who is trained in pain management. He/she will review your medical file, speak with you, and do an exam if applicable. This information will then be used to determine what the next course of action will be. You may see many different specialists while at the clinic.

facial pain2 headacheA pain management nurse may monitor your medications and ensure there are no interactions. In addition, the nurse may make recommendations to the doctor about adjustments to your medications. You can ask your nurse any questions you have or about any concerns that are bothering you.

If you are going to have any type of surgery, you may see an anesthesiologist prior to that surgery. He/she will review your medical history, the medications you are on, and they will talk to you about the procedure and what you can expect relating to the anesthetic.

It’s pretty common for patients at the Pain Management Clinic to see a physical therapist. The role of the physical therapist is to create a program of stretches and/or exercises that can help you gain mobility and reduce the pain you are in. Physio is generally combined with medications or added after surgery. It is an important part of the main reduction model.

Pain Management Beverly Hills CAYour pain management clinic also recognizes there is an emotional side to all of this. After all dealing chronic pain can be quite challenging. The clinic will have therapists and psychologists on staff to help you work through any emotional issues that you find yourself dealing with. It’s great to have a friendly face to talk to, that’s not close to you. It’ makes it much easier to be honest and say how you really feel because there is no need to keep up fronts.

Many people will make up your team at the pain management clinic. Each of them will play an important role in making sure that you get the treatment you need so that you can get back to living the life you had before you found yourself dealing with chronic pain the result of an injury or illness.