Top 5 Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder producing pain in different points of the body. It is a common musculoskeletal condition and the symptoms are muscle pain and joint pain along with fatigue. It can also lead to sleeplessness, depression, stress and anxiety along with social isolation. The body aches all over and special points on the boFibromyalgia treatment Los Angelesdy might be painful on touch. To receive fibromyalgia treatment Los Angeles trusts, call the CA Pain Network today.

Pain and aches are felt in the joints, in the neck and shoulder as well as the back and the hips. There is no cure, but a wide range of alternative treatments are available, which could tackle the problem. Treatments range from those targeting the trigger points and pain in the muscles to those that assist the patient in dealing with the symptoms.

     1. Medication Management

Medications treat the symptoms. There are some FDA approved drugs, such as Lyrica, Savella and Cymbalta, which can ease the pain. Antidepressants can also have positive results along with pain relieving drugs. They reduce the feelings of depression, sleeplessness and even pain. Opioid medications may also help with Fibromyalgia, depending on the type of pain being experienced. Los Angeles pain clinics are highly skilled in the management of fibromyalgia.

2. Physical Therapy

A therapeutic massage can help relax the muscles and the tissues of the body. This helps reduce muscle pain and also relieves the pain felt in the tender joints of the body. It relieves pain due to muscle spasms and is capable of gently stretching and softening the connective tissues in order to reduce the pain.

You must go to a proper therapist for stretching the painful muscles in the right way to get optimal relief. A proper posture is also important for avoiding pain and fatigue. Some patients with fibromyalgia simply cannot tolerate massages and PT for fibromyalgia. However, not all patients present the same, so some fibromyalgia patients receive excellent relief with the massage and PT exercises.

     3. Exercise

Apart from Physical Therapy and medications, other alternatives for treating Fibromyalgia are to go in for breathing exercises and aerobic types of exercise, such as swimming. This can reduce the stress that could trigger fibromyalgia symptoms.

Several studies have shown that exercise can be the most significant treatment option for the condition. People suffering from pain usually avoid exercise. Yet, conditioning exercise and aerobics can relieve pain. The endorphins in the body are increased and these are natural painkillers.

     4. Scheduled Sleep

It is also important to have a proper and scheduled bed time, as sleep is the best remedy for the body to repair itself. Aerobic exercise can also help minimize the pain and improve sleep, reducing mood depression and fatigue as well.

  5.  Dietary Supplements

There are many medicinal herbs that can be used as natural dietary supplements for treating fibromyalgia symptoms. For instance, 5 HTP, or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is a serotonin building block and can be effective in reducing pain, sleeplessness and depression. Melatonin is another natural hormone that can be used as a safe supplement. St.John’s Wort is a herb that is also helpful in treating depression related to the condition.

Recently, IV therapy for fibromyalgia has been receiving positive press. It’s called a Meyer’s Pain Management Doctors Los Angelescocktail and includes many nutrients and vitamins to relieve fibromyalgia pain. It’s very safe and with a low risk and potentially large upside, it’s a therapy to consider.

The California Pain Network connects those in pain with pain management Los Angeles trusts and respects. The doctors are Board Certified and treat each patient with compassion and individualized care. Simply complete the form on the page or call (310) 626-1526 for more information and scheduling!

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