Why Do Pain Management Doctors perform Urine Drug Testing?

UDT or Urine Drug Testing is considered an important tool among Los Angeles pain management doctors. It offers valuable information to the doctor, assisting him in the diagnosis and for making the right therapeutic decision.

The results obtained from a UDT offer a confirmation for any treatment plans that have been decided upon. The UDT also helps in the diagnosis Pain Management Clinic Los Angelesof a relapse condition or for identifying the misuse of any drugs by the patient at an early stage.

Assessing Compliance

The Urine Drug Test is applied by pain clinics in Los Angeles to ensure and assess compliance. LA pain doctors typically look for the presence of any of the medications that they have prescribed to the patients. If this is present in the urine, they can assess compliance of the patient as it is evidence of the patient having taken the medication.

In some cases, the Los Angeles pain management doctor might find the presence of some other drugs that were not prescribed to the patient. This offers information to the doctor regarding the patient’s non compliance to the medication prescribed and he can have discussions in this regard with the patient. If the patient has signed a “pain agreement”, it may be grounds for termination as a patient. Or it may simply involve a frank discussion of what needs to happen going forward.

Explaining the Purpose

The health professional usually explains the purpose of the UDT to the patient before the evaluation. It improves the relationship between the doctor and the patient, as it offers proof, evidence and documentation regarding adherence to prescriptions and treatment plans. In case evidence of some other non prescribed drug is discovered, it could indicate drug abuse or some addiction on the part of the patient. The doctor discusses the issue with the patient and the patient can then be given treatment for the basic problem as well as the addiction problem.

A Preferred Choice

Urine of the patient has been the preferred choice for testing the presence of drugs in the system. This is because the window of detection consists of one to three days in case of most of the drugs. Doctors usually have a uniform policy of using this test for all patients, Pain Management Los Angelesin order to avoid the embarrassment and pain of individualizing it to only some people or races or any other physical characteristics.It may occur as a random UDT, but no patient is excluded from the testing typically.

The UDT enables doctors to classify whether particular drugs or substances are present or absent in the body. The test is highly sensitive and uses sophisticated techniques, for identifying particular drugs. The latest UDT cups can identify the presence or absence of many different classes of drugs within only 5 minutes.

Improving Patient Care

UDT is a medical practice that enhances patient care. The results could be unexpected, in the form of being negative for a prescribed drug and positive for an unprescribed drug. The Los Angeles pain clinic ensures that there are no mistakes in the interpretation of the results by confirming with a lab if necessary. After confirming the unexpected results, the LA pain doctor can put into effect a procedure for discussion the problem and finding a solution for it.Pain Clinics Los Angeles

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