Why is PRP So Common in Professional Athletes?

Pro athletes have been turning to platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) since it was introduced as a promising form of treatment for injury.  Professional athletes such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez have all received PRP for the treatment of acute injuries.  What is the reason behind the therapy?  Faster healing time.

Professional athletes are turning to PRP because of the natural healing effects it offers.  PRP Los AngelesPlatelet rich plasma is used on a variety of injuries seen in sports, such as knee problems, chronic pain and joint issues.

Dentists were among the first to use the therapy to promote a natural healing mechanism and improve the outcomes of various dental procedures, introduced PRP in the late 1990s.

Today, professional athletes and regular folk are receiving favorable results and injury relief from PRP therapy.  Major league sports have discovered the natural healing effects promised by PRP.  Both international and national athletes have received the treatment, with the World Anti-Doping Association approving of PRP.

Why are professional athletes turning to PRP? 

One of the reasons, aside from the effective and natural healing process, is speed.  PRP Los AngelesAthletes who are counted on for the team’s success or needed in an upcoming competition do not have the time it takes to undergo surgery, weeks of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Instead, PRP can shed weeks, if not months, off the physical rehab time. Has this been shown statistically with large research studies? No, however, smaller studies have shown excellent results for soft tissue injury and moderate arthritis.

PRP is also seen among the professional athlete arena as an early treatment option for those who suffer from muscle, joint, tendon and ligament injuries.  Since these types of injuries are common in the world of professional sports, it makes sense that athletes would turn to the treatment for fast results.

Notable Athletes and PRP

One of Major League Baseball’s heavy hitters, Alex Rodriguez underwent five platelet rich plasma therapy treatments to increase the healing process and accelerate recovery following a hip surgery that had left him in a great deal of pain.  His recovery time was shortened and his trainers amazed at the incredible results.Platelet Rich Plasma Los Angeles

Kobe Bryant, one of the biggest names in basketball, had previous arthroscopic knee surgeries for pain he experienced in his right knee.  He received PRP treatment in Germany because he did not want to receive more surgery on his knee due to his increased age.  A non-surgical option was more favorable for his condition.  His results were favorable.

Other professional athletes in the most popular sports have undergone treatment with PRP.  The therapy offers potential avoidance of surgery and an accelerated return to competition.

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